Web Opac App

Public libraries on Android

Our free Android app allows convenient access from wherever you are on your Smartphone or tablet to the catalogues and member accounts of more than 1,000 public and scientific libraries in Europe and all over the world.

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Catalogue search

The app allows to easily search the catalogue of over 1,000 public and scientific libraries worldwide. All search filters of the respective catalogues are supported and search results can be saved locally to a bookmark list for later reference. Using a barcode scanning app you can directly scan the ISBN barcode of a book and search for it in your favourite library.


Account features

In most libraries, the app is able to directly access member accounts and therefore allows you to conveniently look at the books you lent out and find out their return date. Books can be renewed directly from the app and you can directly place reservations on search results. Multiple accounts in one or even different libraries are supported at the same time.



The app helps you to avoid expensive fines: If activated, the app regularly checks your library account in the background and sends a notification as soon as a book must be returned soon. To return the book, the app assists you with quick access to the library's website and opening hours. Returning books on time never was this easy!

A powerful combination

One app for all libraries

Our Web Opac App provides access to all 1,000+ supported libraries. Accounts for multiple libraries can be integrated at the same time – perfect for anyone using multiple libraries. The app is completely free for both users and libraries.

This free app has started as a community project and has always been 100% open source software. Its source code is published on GitHub and released under the liberal terms of the MIT License. Many features and implementations for specific library systems have only been possible thanks to feedback, patches and pull requests from the community. We like to thank everyone involved.

The app's core, which is responsible for communicating with the library's software, is available as a separate Java library of the name libopac. In yet another repository we publish the specific configuration files that we use for the various libraries.

Thanks to our wonderful community, the app is no longer only available in German and English, but in a growing number of languages. If you’d like to help us with the translation process, head over to Transifex.